Wutao is a contemporary breathing and movement art, born from the fusion of a variety of different techniques, including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and dance. The word “Wutao” comes from the union of two Chinese characters: “Wu” meaning “dance” or “awakening,” and “Tao,” meaning “the Way.”


The art of Wutao is based on building awareness of the primordial undulatory movement of the spine. This wave gets extended and amplified through the entire body, liberating the natural spirals that exist in all of our movements. As we breathe into this practice, Wutao becomes a dance, a physical calligraphy, in which deeper energetic and artistic pathways are revealed. Wutao was created in France by former Kung Fu world champion Pol Charoy and dance and yoga practicioner Imanou Risselard.

I have been teaching Wutao around the world since 2014, in private coachings, classes, and workshops. In 2015, I co-created a new company with Wutao Professeur Prune Derriennic, called InSpiral.


For more information about InSpiral, please visit www.inspiralarts.com

For more information about Wutao, please visit www.wutao.fr.